What do bees eat? A survey finds the answer to that question

A survey of beekeepers in Australia has found that they are mainly eating honey, but some also eat other plant matter.

The survey, carried out by the Australian Pollinators’ Federation, has found 70 per cent of respondents in the north-west had seen the pollinator eat insects.

“It’s very common for bees to eat plant material,” Dr Rachel Tompkins said.

“So they eat plants and they eat insects, and we know that bees have eaten a lot of things like insects, worms and plant matter, and that’s probably a significant part of their diet.”

I think it’s interesting that they’re eating insects as well.

“Dr Tompkin said the survey also found that bees were also consuming leaves.”

Bees are very adept at picking out different types of leaves, and they’re actually quite good at picking up different kinds of leaf, but they’re also really good at sucking up pollen,” she said.

The beekeepers also discovered bees were consuming the remains of an extinct creature.”

There’s this whole collection of fossilised remains from a number of different species of bee and that is one of the very few that are really in very good condition,” Dr Tompaks said.

A group of bumblebees are seen feeding on the remains in the Tasmanian Wilderness.

The report was conducted by the beekeepers association in partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation and the University of Tasmania.”

We had a lot more bees in the survey than we had bees in, but it was still a very diverse group of bees,” Dr Thommas said.

She said she was surprised at the prevalence of the plant-eating behavior.”

They’re a very social species, so they’re very social.

And I think there’s probably some people who are doing something like a little bit of a diet that might be more acceptable to the bees,” she.