How China’s new ‘bee’ is making $US7 billion a year in China

China has made millions of dollars from bee pollen and other natural products, but the country’s biggest beekeepers say it’s not helping the country meet its food needs.

Read moreRead moreThe Beijing-based Bee Industry Association says it is working with China’s agriculture ministry to create a national bee pollinator strategy to reduce the amount of pesticides used in agriculture and increase access to natural products.

The Bee Industry Council of China said the pollinators’ work will help reduce the global demand for pesticides and improve crop yields.

It said in the first five months of the year, China had lost around 2.3 million tonnes of natural products and more than 1.2 million tonnes from pesticides and insecticides.

The country has the world’s second-largest bee population, with around 300 million bees.

China is also a major supplier of honey, and the Bee Industry Union of China is pushing for the government to set up a bee pollination hub in the capital, Beijing.

The bee-focused initiative is a joint initiative of China’s Bee Industry and the bee trade, and will be led by Beijing’s chief pollinator adviser, Wang Jiaqiang.

The council’s president Li Donghua said the strategy will be presented in February, and that beekeeping will be one of the top priorities.

The organisation also aims to build a bee-friendly infrastructure in China and to promote a more humane beekeeping industry, the Bee Trade Union of Great Britain said in a statement.

“The Bee Trade and Bee Industry have long advocated for a national system of beekeeping and we believe that the bee-pollination strategy is a very big step forward,” the statement said.

“This is also an opportunity for China to further develop its bee-intensive industry, and to create the environment for more bee-dependent countries to grow economically and have a better future.”

When are bees going to give up their clothes?

The world’s most popular bees are going to stop wearing suits, according to the founder of an online fashion blog.

Read moreThe bee-themed site Beekeepers has revealed that, after a decade of keeping bees on its website, it would like to move on to something that can be worn without clothes. 

Beekeepers, which claims to be the first fashion-focused beekeeping site, says it will focus on casual wear such as the silk mittens that bees wear in their honey-scented nests.

Its founders, Matt and Sarah Smith, said that the company would be taking its beekeeping hobby from a personal hobby to a job that is not only enjoyable but that bees will enjoy.

The site is known for its bee-inspired designs, including silk mitten gloves and hats for sale.

The blog’s co-founder, Matt Smith, told CNN that he thought it was a good idea for the site to go on hiatus for now. 

“The way bees look, they’re very simple.

They’re just like us.

You know the difference between us and the bees?” he said.”

But they’re not that simple.

And I think that’s one of the things that I love about bees, they are very social and very caring.”

Matt Smith said he had been fascinated by the concept of beekeeping for some time.

“I was looking for a way to make my bees feel more comfortable,” he said, before adding: “There’s so much to do in the hive, I thought it would be a good way to let people know what bees do.”

The blog is run by two women, Sarah Smith and Matt Smith.

They have been selling beekeeping items online for about two years, and the couple say their idea was born when they both realised that they liked bees and decided to share the experience.

“We started thinking about this a year ago and we just started building it up and seeing what people were saying,” Matt Smith said.

The idea of having a beekeeping website started as a hobby for the couple, who both have children.

“You can buy them a pair of gloves, they get them made, then you go on a trip to the hive and you’re looking for the best honey,” Sarah Smith said, adding that she also has a personal hive that she keeps her bees in.

“When we started talking about beekeeping, we were looking for something that would be fun for us,” Sarah said.

“I think there’s something about beekeepers that just feels like it’s a personal thing, something that we can do that we would never do in a business environment.”

The site’s mission is to encourage beekeeping enthusiasts to be more involved in the bees and its products.

“There are so many ways to have a business and this is really about getting people involved in our hobby and being part of the hive,” Sarah added.

“The bees and the hive are a really important part of our lives.” 

The site also has products such as honey bars, mittens and bee boxes that are designed to help people be more active, healthier and to help the bees learn to live without clothes or clothing.

“It’s a wonderful way to take this hobby of beekeepers and turn it into a way of living that will be very rewarding,” Sarah explained.

“What we’re doing with the bees is not just to take our hobby to the next level, it’s also to make sure that it’s safe for our bees to live and to work.”

The Beekeepers team will be staying in San Francisco until June 1.