Which is the best way to trap bees?

A beekeeper is putting the finishing touches on his trap and it’s time to find out which is the beeiest way to kill the pollinating insects.

Carpenter bees are the biggest pollinators in the world.

They feed on flowers and fruits and are important pollinators of crops and gardens, especially in the tropics.

Carson Walker, an agronomist at the University of Colorado at Boulder, says that the best trap is one that can be set on a stand.

Walker says that you should only use a bait that you can remove quickly and easily from the ground and use to lure the bees to a bait box.

He also recommends the use of a long-handled stick to get the bees into the trap.

You should also be careful not to leave bees in the trap for more than a few minutes, which could lead to damage.

Walker cautions that if you are going to place the trap, you should always make sure the bees are out of the area before you start, or the trap could be ruined.

If you don’t, you could be setting up a problem that will be hard to repair.