Minecraft: Bee Farm

By Emily AlpertThe bee farm is the latest in a long line of ideas in which technology allows us to create beautiful structures, but can we use the same technology to create something more?

With its ability to create a huge amount of beautiful things at a fraction of the cost of other building options, it is a new kind of architecture.

But is it as great as it seems?

In this episode of our new podcast, we explore the possibilities of building a giant, hive-like structure with a simple honeycomb design.

We also talk about some of the challenges that arise when we want to build a honeycomb structure in Minecraft.

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Music by Evan Anderman, Rufus Johnson, and The Beesweepers.

Special thanks to Andrew Tripp, Kirsten Kirkland, Eve Rosenberg, Jasmine Meyer, Boris Fuchs, Travis Dominguez, Ryan Roper, Matt O’Connor, Sophie Pasqualoni, Dana Trevie, Lorraine Smith, Caitlin Smith and Beth Troyer.

Special thank you to Joe Bouwman, Michael Elliott, John Ricci, Alex Sutton, Mike Buckler, Nick Drew, Justin Snyder, Ben Smith and the Beehiving Team for support.

Special shoutout to Kylie Guthrie for helping us make this episode!

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.