Trump campaign aides to Trump’s legal team: You’ve got to make a lot of calls

Bee-colored pages from the pages of Donald Trump’s attorneys are to be given to the president’s legal teams, a senior campaign aide told The Hill.

The Bee, which has become an emblem of the Trump campaign, is part of the campaign’s “Bee Collection” and is in the midst of an art-deco campaign that will culminate in a grand opening of a bee hive at Trump Tower.

“The Bee Collection will be the centerpiece of the new Trump Tower,” the aide said.

“It is important to all the Trump team that it’s the Bee Collection that will be in their presence.”

The Bee is seen as a symbol of Trump’s success as a businessman.

In the 1970s, the Trump family’s father was convicted of embezzling millions from the estate of a wealthy financier, and the family sued to have the conviction overturned.

Trump, who had a storied life as a builder and entrepreneur, lost the case, but later sued his former nemesis for slander.

The family has repeatedly used the Bee to paint a rosy picture of their success in business, while accusing the media of using the symbol to discredit their business.

But the Bee’s appeal in that case was not successful.

The New York Times ran a story on February 23 titled “Trump family lawyers are to receive art-coloring pages from Trump’s lawyers.”

The story also said Trump is “to receive Bee-colored pages from his legal team” for the first time.

The Daily Beast published a piece on February 24 titled “The Trump Bee, The Bee and The Devil: A portrait of a man who has a long, storied history of using his bee-colors to paint an image of success.”

The article quoted a person familiar with the plans as saying that the Bee would be “the centerpiece of his new skyscraper.”

“The White House has already commissioned art from his bee collection to paint the new headquarters,” the source said.