Newbee tattoos make a bee smile


— — It’s a dream come true for a NewBee tattoo artist.

Her tattoo is a photo of a bee wearing a honey bee shirt.

“It’s like a bee tattoo,” said Tiffany Williams, who works for NewBee Tattoo Studio in Bakersfield, Calif., a few hours north of the Bay Area city.

The bee is seen as an emblem of beekeeping and beekeeping culture.

Her favorite bees are the beehive and the queen bee.

Williams says she got her tattoo from a friend.

It was a photo on a wall and I thought it was really cute.

When I saw it, I knew I had to do it.

And I did it quickly.

She’s hoping to get a few more tattoos before her next job in a few weeks.

Tiffany Williams is a tattoo artist in NewBee.

Williams has a few tattoos on her arm.

This is one of them.

She has a bee bee tattoo on her right arm.

Williams says her work is meant to represent her love of bees.

I like bees.

I love beekeeping.

Williams said she doesn’t want her tattoos to be used for anything other than to express love and support for bees.

Williams started out as a tattoo parlor.

Now, she has over 500 tattoos.

In her new job, she does bee tattoo work.

A bee tattoo has a picture of a bird, but the artist adds a message that reads, “This is not a bee, it’s a bee.”

Williams said she has been getting more tattoos lately because she’s getting the chance to work with people who are more experienced in beekeeping than she was.

Williams said the work is a fun hobby and she’s learning a lot.

People always come up to me and say, ‘Hey, honey, can you give me a bee?

I want a bee.’

I say, okay, what’s the bee like?”

You have to be careful with bees, she said.

They’re very cute and very sweet and they have a big personality.

So I’m just going to have to learn how to get along with them.

My bee tattoo is just a photo.

I love bees, and bees are my favorite animals, and I love bees,” Williams said.

Williams, a 25-year-old college student, has had tattoos since she was 15.

┬áHer most recent tattoo, on her left arm, is a picture that reads “Bee” with an arrow pointing to the right.

Williams also has a portrait of a beehives, a painting of a queen bee and a flower with an egg on top.

Williams’ most recent work, however, has a different meaning.

On her right hand, she says, is an inscription that reads: “My bee” and an arrow.

Williams got the idea to put the bee on her tattoo because she was listening to her friend, Tiffany, describe how a bee makes her smile.

As Williams explains, it says “This bee is so good for us.”

Williams says that she got the inspiration for her new tattoo after Tiffany shared with her how she loved bees.

It was like, she’s telling me about how she loves bees.

So I thought, I would like bees too, she told ABC News.

Williams told that she’s very open-minded and has a lot of ideas about how to represent herself.

Williams believes that if a person knows about beekeeping, they will respect it.

She says that people should appreciate bees.

They are really beautiful and have a very good sense of smell and touch.

She also likes bees because they’re easy to keep.

Williams is a beekeeper.

She loves to feed the bees.

She says she keeps them in boxes and keeps them outside.

She said she wants to help the bees grow.

Williams loves bees, but her work also focuses on social issues.

There is a lot that needs to be done to help people feel like bees and how they can be respected, Williams said, and the bees are really important to her.