‘We’ll take the ‘we’ll take’ back!’ Protesters storm a Donald Trump rally

Protesters have clashed with police after a rally in Portland, Oregon, where the Republican presidential nominee announced that he will move forward with his first 100 days in office.

The crowd of protesters gathered at the entrance to the Portland Convention Center to protest Trump’s executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

A few dozen protesters also threw bottles and chairs.

“I think the only way we’re going to stop this is to take the word of the people, which is what we’ve been doing,” Trump said in a video posted by a supporter.

“The people have spoken.

We will take the message back.

We have the power.”

Protesters say Trump’s order violates the constitutional rights of the citizens of the US.

The ban is part of Trump’s sweeping plan to deport more than two million undocumented immigrants living in the country.

The protests came after Trump spoke to supporters at a rally at the University of Oregon on Saturday night.

Protesters say they will take to the streets again in Portland on Sunday, and they say they are not stopping at Trump’s rallies.

“We’re not stopping.

We’re not going anywhere,” said one protester, who identified herself as Lora.

“If we have to, we’re not staying.

We are going to the Capitol and we are going there for justice.”

Protesters have not yet announced any plans for what they will do during the protests.