How to make homemade chapstick

Burt’s Bees chocolates are so popular they’ve inspired a whole cottage industry of their own. 

And there are some pretty creative ways to make your own, from homemade mousse to jam, chocolate bars to whipped cream. 

The best way to celebrate is with homemade chocolaty. 

Chocolate bars, for example, can be made with milk and butter or milk and cornstarch, which will keep them soft and moist. 

But they also work well with chocolate-covered strawberries. 

There are even recipes for homemade ice cream.

 “The best chocolatemakes are made with fresh strawberries, and they are so easy to make that you can do them in a matter of minutes,” explains Jennifer Fung, author of the cookbook Strawberry Chocolates.

“And the ones with vanilla ice cream are also easy to do.”

Fung’s Strawberry Chocaty makes a nice, easy, summer treat for the whole family.

She recommends adding strawberries, sugar and cinnamon to the batter for extra sweetness. 

She suggests you bake your strawberries at 325 degrees for two hours.

“Then add some butter and milk, and then let it cool,” she says. 

If you’re like us, you want to make the chocolate bars in advance, so you can have them ready to go when you need them.

“When the strawberries are at room temperature, add the sugar, then turn off the heat and let it set for five minutes,” Fung says.

You’ll also want to heat up a pan with some oil or butter and place a few slices of butter in it. 

Next, add some of the strawberry mixture to the pan and add the melted chocolate, and stir it into the strawberries.

“Let it sit for five or 10 minutes, and remove the pan,” she advises. 

After the strawberries have set up, place the chocolate on a parchment-lined baking sheet and then spread it with butter and sugar.

“You want the chocolate to be spread evenly around the chocolate, but not too much,” she adds. 

Once you’ve done this, transfer the chocolate mixture to a piping bag. 

Fung suggests piping the bars in a circle, or using a chocolate scoop to spread the chocolate. 

Finally, place a sheet of chocolate on top of a piece of chocolate cake and pour in a little bit of vanilla ice-cream.

“This is really the best way for them to be a bit frosty, so that the strawberries can set the chocolate icing,” she cautions.

“I also think it’s really good to spread some whipped cream in between the chocolate and strawberry icing so that they’re all evenly spread.”

The recipe makes about two dozen bars, and if you can make it ahead of time, you can save time by making smaller batches. 

“You can make more if you need to make more,” Fong says.

“But if you’re going to make them ahead of the summer, and you’re planning on buying them from a bakery or a store, they can go for under $10 a pop.”