How Barry Bee Benson is the next star in the “Star Wars” universe

It’s hard to remember when “Star War” was released, but for most fans, it’s a time when the movies had their moment in the spotlight.

But in the new “Star Trek” universe, things could be a little different.

In “Star Citizen,” you can actually buy an item for real money, and in “Star Fight,” the game from EA and the game’s creator that spawned the “Battlestar Galactica” franchise, you can play as the character you want to be.

The latter is not the only new “space sim” from a major game publisher, however.

Take the “Tales of the Star Wars” series.

It was originally a fan-made game that took inspiration from the movies, and now it’s been created by the same people that created the “Fantastic Four.”

“Star Wars: The Old Republic,” the “Rage” expansion for the “Legacy of the Force” video game franchise, has some fans wondering what might happen to the “Twilight” universe after “The Force Awakens” comes out.

“We’re planning to continue to work on the ‘Twilight’ universe in an interesting way,” says “” director of marketing, Jason Riggs, in an interview with “StarNews.”

But in an ideal world, he says, the “twilight” games will be free to play and there will be no restrictions on characters or story.

But “Star wars” fans can be forgiven for wondering whether “Twight” will continue the “New Sith Wars” mythos.

There are currently three books in the series, which is now out of print, and the franchise is now known for its diverse casts.

So it’s hard for fans to envision the “Masters of the Universe” franchise becoming a “Twelve Rings” or “Twice the Ten Rings” game, with a few exceptions.

The series was originally created to be “a space opera,” but its creators changed it into something that could also take place in space, Riggs says.

In other words, the next “Star Empire” might not have to be about the “Imperial March,” but it could be about “Darth Vader’s death and the events that lead up to it,” he says.

And even though “Star WAR” fans are more familiar with the “Avengers” films, Rigses says the future for the franchise could be different.