How to watch the Bee Movie meme from Queen Bee

In the days leading up to the release of The Bee Movie, many memes were being created.

A lot of them were inspired by the movie, but some of them also seemed a little bit silly.

Here are some of our favorites:A group of bees at a movie theater in California, for example.

(YouTube/Bee Movie)A bee movie poster in Los Angeles, California, as seen on The Bee Movies Facebook page.

(Facebook/Bee Movies)A queen bee at a coffee shop in London, England.

(Wikimedia Commons)The Bee Movie poster in Brooklyn, New York.

(Instagram/BeeMovie)A couple at a Starbucks in Atlanta, Georgia, with their heads down, watching the Bee movie on a big screen.

(Twitter/Bees on Twitter)A hive of bees in San Francisco, California.

(Flickr/BeeBees)The bee movie posters in Portland, Oregon, and a few others.

(Bears on Twitter/Birds of a feather)A honey bee, but with a bee in the background.

(Creative Commons/Bites)A Queen Bee, but without her head.

(Shutterstock/BeeJupiter)A swarm of bees, with some of their wings spread out.

(Youtube/Bee)A pair of bees that look like a little princess, but have wings instead.

(Stereogum/Bears of a Feather)An egg sac of bees on the moon.

(Vimeo/Bates Bee)And here’s a few of our own.(Creative commons/Bee on Twitter, Bee Movie)These are just some of the hilarious ones we saw.

We thought it would be fun to share with you the funniest and most creative ones.

You can find more from us here.

(Hint: We’ve got the Bee Movies, and The Bee-Movie memes, as well.)

Be careful out there, bees!