A Black man is trying to sell bee stings on eBay

A Black New Yorker is attempting to sell sting therapy for his sickly wife, who had her first sting at age 21.

The man, who requested anonymity to protect his wife, said he’s selling bee stinging treatments in a bid to combat the deadly coronavirus.

“I’m trying to save her from the virus,” the man said.

“I have a lot of money in my wallet.”

The man said he has been selling sting treatments on Ebay for more than a year, but is now turning his attention to his own wife, now 65.

The sale, which he said is the first of its kind, comes just two days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the virus has infected an additional 12 million Americans, nearly half of whom are Black.

“She’s a very healthy woman,” the seller said.

The seller said he had originally planned to sell his own treatments but realized that they were too expensive for his family.

The honey bee colony in Florida.

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)”I was like, what’s the point of selling them?” he said.

“We’ve been using them for thousands of years for medicinal purposes and we’ve had them since ancient times.

I think they are a blessing.”

The seller is also selling his wife’s own stings, including a topical bee sting spray, for $199.99.

The seller, who is in his 60s, said the stings work for about two weeks and can last for three to five months.

The sting treatments are made by Bee-Stick LLC in South Carolina, but they don’t sell on Ebate because they don and don’t want to have to pay for shipping.

“It’s an opportunity for a lot more people to be able to get these products and we need to do everything we can to encourage them to do it,” the buyer said.

A man who sells bee sting products on Ebale.

(Photo: Michael Chow, AP)Ebate is the online marketplace where buyers and sellers sell products made of beeswax, beeswath, beesheep and other materials.

In addition to selling sting treatment products, Ebate also sells treatments for the herpes virus and the flu, and has an extensive line of treatments that can treat allergies, asthma, psoriasis and arthritis.

The sellers said that the prices on their products are reasonable for their products, and they have sold thousands of products over the years.

The buyer said he would use the money from the sale to pay his wife a visit.