How to stop bee sting swelling with this bee balm leaf

A bee balme leaf can help you stave off bee sting.

It contains the bee balming protein, which is an insect protein that fights off bee stings.

The balm is available in pill form, powder form or powder-in-pill form.

The powder version is the safest option, but the pill form is the most effective.

This is because it is the one that contains the active ingredient.

You can find it in most drugstores and health food stores.

When you get home, open the bottle and use the balm to flush any stinging bugs from your body.

A few drops of the balming fluid will kill them and help you feel better.

When the balms go into your mouth, you can use a little of it to wash it down with a glass of water.

If you have any allergies, use the powder version of the beebalm.