How to make your own Burt’s Bees Chapstick

Burt and the boys are back in action this week, with their new mini-episode called “Burt’s Bee’s Adventures” (watch above).

It was a great time for us, and we’re going to do something special for the fans: make our own Boudoir Chapstick.

You know what?

It’s so good, we’ll even give you a special gift!

We’re so excited, that we’ve had to do it, and the kids are so excited to try it!

In fact, we’re even going to give away Boudsies to the best fans of the show, so you can pick one up at your local flea market or online.

The idea behind this gift is simple: If you’re a fan of the Burt show, and are looking for a way to celebrate the birthday of the original Burt, then this is a gift you should try.

You can get it from Amazon for £10 (or about $16).

So get it while you still can!

We’ll be putting together a special roundup of all the Boudy gifts that we received from fans, so please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and updates on our awesome Boudies!

Boudies on Amazon: