How to spot the Queen Bee

Barrie Bee Benson died of pneumonia at her home in California, her son, Barry, said Sunday.

The California Bee, an online news and entertainment site, posted a story saying that Bee Benson, who died Sunday at her residence in California after a two-week illness, was 65.

She was known for her ability to keep the hive alive and for her “insane generosity,” Barry Bee, Bee’s son, told ABC News.

The Bee’s daughter, Beryl Bee, said Bee Benson was a former nurse and a former member of the Bee’s family.

The Bee family would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Bee family and friends, she said in a statement.

The website also posted that Bee, who has a passion for beekeeping, is survived by her husband, Gary, of Bakersfield, Calif.; son, Scott; and granddaughter, Amy.

Bee was a prolific beekeeper, according to her website.

She was an active member of a beekeeping club for people with special needs, according a bio on her website that said she was active in animal rescue and wildlife conservation.

Bee, who was born in Los Angeles, was a member of Bee’s Bees Club of Los Angeles for a decade and a member since 2008, according the website.

Barry Bee said Bee had been suffering from pneumonia for the past few weeks.

Bee had recently moved to California from California, Barry Bee said.

Bee’s website did not immediately provide additional details on her health.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.