Bizarre bee photo from Florida is a hoax

Bizarre photos taken at a Florida beekeeping business are being touted as real, but not by the owner, the Beekeepers Union of America said.

The group, which has been battling to get a license to keep bees in Florida for more than 30 years, posted a photo of a bee wearing a mask and a white mask on its website Monday showing a beehive.

The caption said, “The bee is wearing a bee mask, a bee hat, and the name ‘Beekeeper’ in his mouth.

The bees are holding a sign that says ‘Don’t touch me.’

The owner is wearing white gloves and a mask.

He also has a sign with the word ‘bounty hunter’ and the number ‘9-9-6-2.'”

It was posted by a Beekeepers union member who goes by the name J.B., who wrote that he has been a beekeeper for 28 years and has been in the industry for decades.

He wrote that the group purchased a new hive on Aug. 15 and the hive was inspected on Aug 14.

They had to remove the bees and the bees were returned.

The Beekeepers said it took more than a week for the owners to return the hive and the workers were still missing.

The owners said they contacted the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) to get permission to keep the bees.

“We do not believe this was an accident,” the Beekeeping Union said in a statement.

“It is a false representation to claim that we have been threatened with criminal charges and a fine if we continue to do business with this company.”

The group’s president, Steve Niep, wrote that his group will continue to work with law enforcement officials in order to protect the bees.

“We want to work out any legal issues that arise.

The Florida Department’s actions have nothing to do with us,” Niepe said in an email.

The beekeepers union has been fighting for more bees in the state for decades, and Nieppe said the owners are the first to come to the group with concerns.

“They have been in this business for decades and we were all in it for the bees, but we have heard no complaints or complaints from anybody from our members,” he said.

“We are working hard to bring the bees back into Florida.

They are our future.”

The Beekeeping Association of Florida, a trade group for beekeepers, said it was not involved in the posting and would not comment on it.

Beekeepers have complained about the quality of beekeeping in Florida and about the number of workers needed to keep up with the demand.

The union said it does not agree with any of those complaints and that it has seen no evidence of the beekeepers being harassed or threatened.